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Generative AI Market Report Size Worth Revenue Growth Industry Value Share 2023

The presence of tech players in Europe and Asia-Pacific creates lucrative growth potential for the market in the area. Big IT giants, for example, are investing in generative AI businesses and technology. During the projection period, the Asia Pacific region is expected to develop at the highest CAGR.

generative ai market size

Analyzing databases detailing the task content of over 900 occupations, our economists estimate that roughly two-thirds of U.S. occupations are exposed to some degree of automation by AI. They further estimate that, of those occupations that are exposed, roughly a quarter to as much as half of their workload could be replaced. “Although the impact of AI on the labor market is likely to be significant, most jobs and industries are only partially exposed to automation and are thus more likely Yakov Livshits to be complemented rather than substituted by AI,” the authors write. The augmenting demand for text Generative AI platforms for content creation and communication is fueling the growth of the Global Generative AI Market. Generative AI may inherit biases present in its training data and produce biased outputs, making use of it unethical. Address bias and ensuring the ethical use of generative AI requires thorough data curation, algorithm improvements, monitoring and evaluation.

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In the primary research process, various primary sources from both supply and demand sides were interviewed to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on the market. The top three verticals gaining foothold in the generative ai market are media & entertainment, BFSI and retail & eCommerce. These verticals are the top 3 among many owing to the high demand for personalization and creativity, need for enhanced customer experience and data-intensive operations. In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), it is instigating a profound transformation across the realm of business.

generative ai market size

Instances abound wherein these models yield outputs of suboptimal quality, marked by inaccuracies, irrelevance, and questionable outcomes, among other deficiencies. Notably, LLMs such as ChatGPT offer a case in point, exhibiting limitations in addressing recent events and delivering answers that are at times ambiguous and repetitive. Similarly, Google’s Bard drew criticism for an advertisement that falsely claimed the James Webb Space Telescope captured the first images of a planet beyond our solar system. Bloomberg’s report suggests that in 2022 the industry generated revenues of around $40 billion. By 2032, the report says, that figure could be $1.32 trillion, an compounded annual growth rate for the sector of 42%.


The GPT-4 model can process images, generate images, and understand what’s being conveyed in a video or an image. Some of the key players in the generative AI market are created by the companies like OpenAI, Midjourney, Lightricks, Hugging Face, Jasper, Glean, Stability AI, etc. “Generative AI can streamline business workflows, automate routine tasks and give rise to a new generation of business applications,” Kash Rangan, senior U.S. software analyst in Goldman Sachs Research, writes in the team’s report. The technology is making inroads in business applications, improving the day-to-day efficiency of knowledge workers, helping scientists develop drugs faster and accelerating the development of software code, among other things. The rising demand for cutting-edge image generation and enhancement tools is another factor contributing to the growth of the Global Generative AI Market.

  • The rising demand for cutting-edge image generation and enhancement tools is another factor contributing to the growth of the Global Generative AI Market.
  • Because of this advantage, generative AI is widely used nowadays, particularly in the BFSI industry.
  • Generative AI is notably well-liked especially in terms of image generation, from converting simple verbal instructions into images and videos to creating poetic graphics and even 3D animation.
  • Generative AI helps to create digital avatars for people, which can be used in content creation, interviews, etc.

This increased learning curve could delay the deployment of AI systems and affect a company’s ability to respond quickly to market demands. Moreover, the growing application of artificial intelligence is a result of its increased computing power and ability to solve problems in different industrial sectors. Expanding into these industries will provide major lucrative opportunities for the growth of the generative AI market. Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that generates original material by using natural language processing, enormous training datasets, and advanced AI technologies such as neural networks and deep learning. The most significant development has been the rise of generative AI and in particular the use of transformers (a sort of neural network) for everything from text and image synthesis to protein folding and computational chemistry. Over the past few years, generative AI technology has branched out to other industries and it has multiple applications in fields including music, art, gaming, and healthcare, which appeals to a wider audience.

Generative AI Market Size to Reach USD 404.8 Billion, With a CAGR of 56.6 % by 2032 – Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)

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They are developing user-friendly tools, platforms, and APIs that enable developers, researchers, and businesses to leverage generative AI capabilities. Moreover, they are engaging in partnerships and mergers and acquisitions to strengthen their foothold in the market. A rise in fake medical care and pseudo-imagination as well as increasing banking frauds will enable North America to dominate the industry over the forecast period. The presence of major companies in the U.S., such as Meta, Microsoft, and Google LLC, as well as industry professionals is likely to fuel expansion in the regional market.

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The automotive industry can benefit from generative AI by generating designs for car components, enhancing aerodynamics, and improving overall vehicle performance. Generative AI refers to the branch of artificial intelligence focused on creating or generating new content such as original and realistic images, text, music, and videos. This involves training machine learning models to understand and learn patterns in existing data to generate new and unique content. Generative AI techniques often use deep learning algorithms such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) and variational auto-encoders (VAEs) to generate content that closely resembles input data. These models learn the underlying patterns and structures of the training data and generate new content based on extrapolation of knowledge.

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Individuals automate lead generation, customer service, and other company activities using this robust platform to increase productivity and give customers a better experience. In addition, chatbots and virtual assistants driven by generative AI provide customers with higher levels of personalization, faster response times, and less labor than human customer service representatives. As a result, major companies are launching chatbots and virtual assistants integrated with generative AI for better customer experience, thus driving segment revenue growth. For instance, on 11 May 2023, Google announced that it would be launching Bard, a creative AI chatbot, in more than 180 nations, including India.

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Additionally, models like ChatGPT have gained prominence, allowing for interactive and dynamic conversational experiences. These models utilize generative AI techniques to understand user inputs, maintain context, and generate responses that are coherent and relevant. The continued advancement of generative AI, with a focus on fine-tuning and interactive capabilities, holds potential for creating more personalized and engaging user experiences across various applications, from virtual assistants to creative content generation.

Market shares using generative AI in compainies in 2022

This efficiency is especially valuable in industries such as marketing and advertising, where personalization and variety of content is critical to effectively engaging audiences. Moreover, AI can personalize content based on individual preferences, making it more engaging and relevant to users. Furthermore, the advancements in deep learning and desire to provide users and consumers with more personalized, engaging and relevant content and experiences are also driving the market. Depending on model size and complexity, training can take days, weeks, or even longer.

generative ai market size

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of the global generative AI market witnessed significant growth due to rapid digitization across the world. However, in 2021, the initiation of large-scale vaccination drives lifted the lockdown and travel restrictions, and people are more aware of Yakov Livshits digitization and their business and are adopting generative AI for large and small businesses. Asia Pacific is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period, due to rising digitization in various industries, increasing cloud networks and data centers, and expanding IT industry.

generative ai market size

The second state with the most users is Brazil, with 4.98% of the Midjourney users belonging to the country. Looking from this perspective, TikTok took just nine months to reach the milestone of 100 million users, while Facebook requires 4.5 years to cross the same. In this section, I have provided some facts and figures related to these generative AI technologies. While 28% of the GenX generation have adopted the technology in their workplace, 27% of the Millenials could adopt it while working. The following table displays the generative AI adoption rate in different sectors in the United States as of 2023. It has dramatically grown over the past years and has gained tremendous importance in today’s AI-centered society.